10 Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along, According To Reddit

While huge titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 promise to bring the simple thrills of blasting evil enemies this year, fans might wish for antagonists that were a bit easier to understand as well. Some of the best video game franchises in the world have featured morally gray villains, but it takes a special title to go even further and have one that’s right from the start.

Of Far Cry 5 at Red Dead Redemption, some of the best games ever made have managed to pull off this trick. Redditors provided their favorite examples of villains who were right all along.


Logan (Fable 3)

While it’s impossible to defend the extent of Logan’s cruelty as ruler of Albion, forcing the hero to sacrifice either his love interest or a group of protesters in the game’s first decision, Redditor Miss_Sophia believes that there is an argument to be made in favor of the king. . They explain that “the premise is that he’s cruel and hateful, but it turns out he wants to do whatever it takes to destroy an evil army.”

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Indeed, when the player first learns of Logan’s Iron Rule, he is unaware that an outside threat is brewing that threatens to exterminate all life in Albion, a threat that hovers over Logan’s head. Logan as he is forced to drive Albion to confront him. Clearly he would have failed regardless, which means the player is also right to lead a revolution against him.

King Dedede (Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land)

Players might not have expected a whole lot of moral complexity from a villain in a series that’s more platform fun than big story, but Kirby: Nightmare in DreamlandThe twist redeems its central antagonist. Kirby spends much of the game undoing Dedede’s plot to destroy the Star Rod and prevent the dreams, but it becomes clear when Kirby defeats him that something is wrong.

Redditor TouhouWitch explains that Dedede was “trying to keep everyone safe” and by assembling the Star Rod again, Kirby inadvertently allowed Nightmare to reappear and attack. The revelation that he was a good guy throughout this game is part of why King Dedede is arguably Kirby’s best rival.

Joseph Seed (Far Cry 5)

The Far cry franchise is known for its compelling antagonists and, even though Far Cry 5 is far from the strongest game in the series, its villain is a fine example. Throughout the game, Joseph Seed looks like a madman trying to brainwash an entire Montana county into expanding his militaristic doomsday cult.

Editor blitherblather425 says the “ending blew my mind” because of how it revealed the truth about Seed. As society crumbles in the midst of a nuclear war if the player chooses to fight him in the end, it turns out that, despite the horror of his methods, Joseph was absolutely right about the impending doom of the world.

Dutch Van Der Linde (Red Dead Redemption)

Although the greater role of Dutch in Red Dead Redemption 2 means many players now think of him in a positive light anyway, it’s in Red Dead Redemption which he makes for an amazing video game villain. In the first game, Dutch forms a new gang of people who share his hatred of the government when John is tasked with bringing him down.

Redditor Robjr83 points out that Dutch was absolutely right to dislike government and especially to tell John “bureaucrats will always make monsters to justify their jobs”. Sure enough, soon after, the government backtracked on their end of the bargain and betrayed John, proving Dutch was absolutely right.

The Master (Fallout)

While it’s easy to see The Master as a cartoon villain at first, with his terrifying looks, intimidating way of speaking, and plan to achieve world peace with his legion of mutants, fans know that there is much more than that. Redditor Steadfastcounts points out that he only developed this plan because he “was afraid we wouldn’t last in the desert.”

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Given the dangerousness of the post-apocalyptic world of To fall that is to say, it’s easy to see why he thought ordinary humans wouldn’t make it and decided something drastic had to be done. Of course, at the end when the Master learns that it was for nothing anyway, even he recognizes that he has gone too far for his new worldview.

Mage (Chrono Trigger)

Nowadays, the trigger of a stopwatch is still considered one of the best turn-based RPGs ever made and a big part of that is the game’s incredibly well-written characters that include minor antagonist Magus. An immensely powerful being gathering an army of demons, it’s easy to assume that Magus is just a villain.

However, as Redditor GeminiK points out, his entire plot was “to get revenge on Lavos”, the game’s ultimate villain who also destroyed Magus’ family. While it’s unlikely he had enough power to take down Lavos on his own, it’s easy to see why Magus was angry with the protagonists for robbing him of his chance.

Helghast (killing zone)

Although the consensus is that there are no real good guys in the Killing area series, with both sides committing atrocities in the name of their civilizations, Redditor Kreissv doesn’t view the antagonistic “Helghast” as the blindly evil force that is sometimes claimed to be.

According to them, the ISA, with whom the hero of the series works against the Helghasts, is worse, and the Helghasts are right to attack them. While the first game centers around the Helghast invasion of Vekta, a rich, Earth-like planet, the game also shows that the Helghast only settled on Helghan in the first place because they were exiled from Vekta to the arid and harsh world.

Several metal gear the bad guys are arguably right in the end, but Redditor Astragar points to the Big Boss from the first game as perhaps the best example of that. While the final showdown reveals that Big Boss used his influence to try to form his own global superpower, they claim he did so “to avoid becoming a tool of politicians”.

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Rather than acting purely out of self-interest, Big Boss had the pure intention of creating a world where soldiers didn’t have to be pawns for corrupt politicians to use whatever they wanted. The fact that Big Boss became a protagonist of the series shows how much fans have come to identify with the character.

Pagan Min (Far Cry 4)

It’s rare to realize a villain was right after they walked out of the picture, but Far Cry 4 is a unique game. Although the player spends most of the game trying to overthrow the tyrannical regime of Pagan Min and install a new government in Kyrat, it ends in a much worse situation for the small fictional country.

That’s why one Redditor thinks he’s a prime example of a villain who was right all along, even claiming that Min is just a “broken man trying to bring some stability” to Kyrat. On the other hand, the Golden Path rebels the player can work with have a much worse vision for the country.

Kreia (Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords)

While many have questioned the traditional good/evil narrative of Jedi and Sith that exists across the star wars franchise, the second Knights of the Old Republic makes his criticisms of this easy way of looking at things more explicit. Redditor AG_Moore thinks Kreia is a prime example of this, despite being considered a villain.

They argue that she was right to be disappointed in the overly righteous Jedi and instead focus on “a far greater enemy lurking in the shadows.” While the Jedi/Sith dynamic distracted them, her place in between meant she was the only one ready for this new threat.

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