At Sama sports complex, used plastic bottles were crushed in a crushing machine to raise them – News18 Gujarati News WAALI

At Sama Sports Complex, used plastic bottles were crushed in a crushing machine to raise them – News18 Gujarati

Nidhi Dave, Vadodara: The gymnastics competitions for the 36th National Games are currently taking place at Sama Sports Complex in Vadodara. The Municipality of Vadodara and the District Administration have taken the initiative to make this prestigious event a success with teamwork by providing support to the Sports Department of the Government of Gujarat. This is a huge event and a total of over 500 people including 178 players from various states, their team managers, members of various teams and associations, referees, spectators are expected at the venue daily . There is also a kitchen for the players.

In these circumstances, it was imperative to keep the premises clean and tidy by properly disposing of dry green waste and plastic waste. The Solid Waste Management Department of Vadodara Municipality contributed significantly to this work. Giving detailed information, Kashyap Shah, Environmental Engineer of this department said that for the disposal of wet or green waste, we have installed an organic waste converter at the site which converts 900 kg of waste into compost daily, approximately 3600 kg of green waste. was composted in the first four days.

This manure can be kept by the administration of the sports complex for its own use and we will give the surplus manure to the Parks Department of the Municipal Corporation. Apart from this, a bottle crushing plant has been set up to encourage people to dispose of plastic bottles themselves, in which around 120 bottles are voluntarily thrown away daily by people to be crushed.

In addition, 3500 used plastic bottles are collected daily from this site and sent to the Atladara recycling plant and 35 kg of other dry waste is collected and disposed of daily. Thus, the Solid Waste Management Department of Vadodara Municipality makes an important contribution to the success of the National Games by keeping the Sama Sports Complex clean and tidy.

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