Sentinels officially launches its VALORANT offseason with the signing of the first major player

After bringing in a new coaching staff to reset the team structure VALORANTS roster, Sentinels has finally confirmed the first player on its 2023 roster.

As first reported by George Geddes for Dot Esports, Sentinels have officially signed 17-year-old rising star Zachary “zekken” Patrone to the squad, reuniting the young talent with his esteemed trainer in Don “Syyko” Muir. .

The team has yet to confirm the acquisition of in-game leader Rory “Dephh” Jackson, a decision pending, according to sources who spoke to Dot Esports. The move would establish XSET’s former firm presence in the new Sentinels roster between the GLI, the coach and the rising young star.

The rest of the Sentinels VALORANTS the list is very up in the air.

In-game frontman Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan and mega-star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo’s contracts were set to expire at the end of the 2021 season. After a clip of ShahZaM reacting to being “dropped” was shared online, Sentinels CEO Rob Moore released a clarifying statement todayclaiming that ShahZaM has not been dropped but has not been offered a contract which makes him free to contact other teams as a restricted free agent.

In a video with Sentinels streamer Tarik, coach Syyko hinted that he would bring the “foundation” and “maybe some old players” from XSET to Sentinels, but also said they would not be building “XSET 2.0”. With zekken confirmed, Dephh is reportedly on the way, Cryo signed with 100T and AYRIN is heading worldwide to join Global Esports from India, only initiator Brendan “BcJ” Jensen remains available in the old XSET roster.

The rest of the Sentinel roster is expected to be revealed over the next two weeks, before VALORANTSThe deadline for submitting the initial list is October 15.

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