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Integrated Sustainability, Canada, acquires Ecohesion Ltd, Barbados, effective September 1, 2022.

Climate sensitivity in the Caribbean requires inventive solutions now. The merger between our two purpose-driven companies facilitates faster technology exchange between regions and consolidates our efforts to provide conscientious water, waste and energy solutions.

The partnership demonstrates the continued strength of the Canada-Barbados relationship as both countries strive to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and expand the reach and availability of services needed to meet the acute environmental challenges.

Foster sustainability

Integrated Sustainability Chairman Stuart Torr, speaking about the acquisition in Barbados, said:

“Integrated Sustainability is extremely excited to expand its design-build-operate services in the Caribbean and address some of the great challenges facing the region.

Typically, when you bring together an international company with a smaller one, the international company is expected to have solved everything, but not us. We need innovative, task-oriented companies looking for solutions like rainwater harvesting and renewable natural gas; companies looking for opportunities for water and wastewater, recycling and reuse.

Ecohesion brings unique expertise and perspective that we can also export into our broader North American offering. In the process, we will create opportunities for Ecohesion staff to help us support these projects also internationally.

Canada and the Caribbean have enjoyed a special relationship. The Caribbean is a vital place to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, and what we’re looking for here is a combined team that allows us to do that with passion.”

Andre Quesnel, director of operations and business development for Ecohesion in the Caribbean, said the company had grown from four people when it started in 2013 to more than 25 before the acquisition by Integrated Sustainability, and that the the focus was now on further expansion.

“The future is really exciting. Joining Integrated Sustainability provides nitro to our gas tank – to get out and keep expanding in places like Bermuda, Belize, Guyana – to be more efficient and drive sustainability In the region.”

Create future job opportunities

Ecohesion has previously worked with the University of the West Indies to develop talent and Quesnel explains how this would continue to provide fruitful career growth.

“What’s amazing about this partnership is that it has opened up career growth for Barbadians and Caribbean nationals, to grow and work on international projects, with international mentors…it removes this ceiling.

Integrated Sustainability’s Vice President of International Development, Nick St-Georges, leads the international design-build development of Integrated Sustainability and has recently completed a variety of climate change impacts consultancy and advisory work for various Caribbean nation states, funded by international funding institutions. (IFI) including the Inter-American Development Bank, the United Nations and the Green Climate Fund.

St-Georges describes the immense implications for the global market:

“Ecohesion’s new operations and maintenance services complement the development of fully integrated infrastructures and provide customers with additional expertise beyond project delivery.

It’s really exciting. When a project requires the combination of process plant design and operation, we naturally focus on design quality and efficiency, cost reduction and increased longevity for our clients. Everyone wins in this type of holistic approach.”

Ecohesion customers and the wider Caribbean market now benefit from cutting-edge expertise in a wide range of specialties, from desalination to biogas and industrial water management. St-Georges goes on to explain:

“Ecohesion’s Caribbean clients will now benefit from a greater variety of services offered by our combined companies. Together, we offer additional services including ESG compliance reporting, data management services and regulatory expertise; as well as the financial capacity necessary to face large-scale projects.

I knew Sam and the [Ecohesion] team personally for over 7 years now, having worked collaboratively on several projects, and I am extremely happy that we are now one team. Ecohesion’s excellent brand recognition and financial stability, combined with Integrated Sustainability’s innovative turnkey solutions, provide the Caribbean with end-to-end development services and enhanced development capabilities. »

Exporting Caribbean know-how

Integrated Sustainability and Ecohesion have already partnered with several ongoing initiatives in the Caribbean and look forward to sharing more details in the coming months.

Sam Neilands, Business Development Manager, commented:

“We are extremely excited – after spending a lot of time finding the right people who fit our vision – to introduce our new and expanded team to our clients across the Caribbean region. Together, ecohesion and integrated sustainability represent a groundbreaking decision to help take action and bring about positive change for our community, now.

The Caribbean is on the front line in the fight against climate change. Bearing the brunt of the impact of global warming, the region continues to maintain its leadership in necessity-driven innovation. Many of the proven solutions that Ecohesion has already introduced on several islands are case studies for larger global markets that have not had to innovate so quickly and are now catching up.

This international partnership brings the additional resources the Caribbean needs to take our (region’s) response to climate change to the next level.”

About built-in sustainability:

Integrated Sustainability is a pioneer in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ready water, waste and energy infrastructure.

With a background in consulting, Integrated Sustainability employs world-renowned, multidisciplinary experts in four offices in Calgary, Vancouver, Houston and Barbados.

To explore Integrated Sustainability’s range of expertise, please visit Caribbean Water and Wastewater Solutions and/or contact Nick St-Georges for more information.

About Ecohesion:

Ecohesion provides the Caribbean with industrial, commercial and residential water treatment solutions. They currently operate and maintain nineteen MBR facilities in Barbados and support ten more in the Caribbean with technicians and offices in Barbados, Antigua, Trinidad, Saint Lucia and Bermuda.

Their local expertise helps guide clients through every stage of an asset’s lifecycle. Recent successes include the integration of major international beverage companies and large hotel chains.

To arrange a demonstration of how wastewater can be safely reused for applications ranging from irrigation, laundry and other non-potable purposes, please contact Sam Neilands for a plant tour of Coverley water reclamation.

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