xQc Reacts To Soda Considering TwitchCon A “YouTube Convention”

Published: 2022-10-14T02:46:35

Updated: 2022-10-14T02:46:55

Popular Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel reacted to Sodapoppin’s thoughts on TwitchCon 2022, an event that Sodapoppin said felt “more like a YouTube convention.”

TwitchCon ran from October 7-9, and as expected, many big-name streamers attended the biannual convention, which was a tradition started in 2015. The event was previously on a smaller scale, but has since evolved. and has grown considerably in recent years.

Sodapoppin recently commented on the differences when participating as a Twitch Partner and discussed overall atmospheric changes from previous years.

xQc reacts to Soda’s clip regarding TwitchCon

“You can see that the community and itself are slowly changing,” Soda said during a recent Twitch stream. Overall, Soda thinks the event has become much bigger. The streamer believes that the more the convention increases in size, the less intimate the setting becomes.

“It felt more like a YouTuber convention,” the streamer said, taken aback by the sheer number of internet personalities from other platforms who attended the event.

xQc then paused the video to express his own thoughts during a recent broadcast. “I half agree, because I think it depends on the number of partners,” added xQc.

“There were so many partners. There are two partner salons. So there are a lot of people that nobody knows, or that they don’t know. It’s very diverse, and a lot more numbers.

“Back in the day, if you went to a goddamn partner salon, it would be him and Summit and a few other guys. But now it’s not like that at all,” xQc said, summarizing his own views on the topic raised by Soda.

TwitchCon’s perception of xQc generally seems to align with Soda’s. The convention has grown considerably in recent years.

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