2022 MLB Playoffs Live Stream: How to Watch Postseason Baseball Online Right Now

And live streams of the 2022 MLB playoffs could see up to three series come to an end today, as only one pair of teams are still at 1-1. Our guide below fully tells you how to watch every game, so you don’t need to miss a batting game. We’ve got the entire MLB postseason schedule, plus our picks on the most affordable way to stream it all online. We even have tips on when you can watch games for free.

In Philadelphia, the Phillies are looking to permanently send the Bravos back to Atlanta today, sending Noah Syndergaard (5-2, 4.12 ERA in the regular season) to the mound. Charlie Morton is the Braves’ last line of defense, and his record for most playoff playoff wins will be tested today.

In San Diego, the Padres also have a 2-1 lead and could send the postseason favorite Dodgers home. In Seattle ? The Mariners are trying to prove their playoff berth is no accident as they are one game away from being swept.

In Cleveland, Luis Severino (7-3, 3.18) will look to take the Yankees to a 2-1 lead, while Triston McKenzie (11-11, 2.96) leads the Guardians.

So, without further ado, here’s everything we know about how to watch MLB live streams. Fancy a slightly more international flavor? Check out our guide on how to watch T20 World Cup live streams for cricket’s biggest tournament.

FREE MLB Playoff Live Stream

How to Watch MLB Playoff Live Streams for FREE

The MLB playoffs will air for free on TV starting with the NLDS, which airs multiple games (see below) on FOX channels. You can watch these games for free with one of the best TV antennas.

Then select NLCS games and the entire World Series will also air on FOX.

MLB Live Stream Worldwide

How to watch MLB playoff live streams from anywhere on Earth

If you’re far from easy access to ESPN, FOX, TBS and FS1, you’re out of luck when it comes to following your team through the playoffs. Live streams are still possible in your current corner of the country, because with a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, you can feel like you’re surfing the web from your hometown (or somewhere where power outages won’t affect not), and access the same streaming services you’ve already paid for.

Not sure which VPN is right for you? We tested many different services and our choice for the best vpn overall is ExpressVPN (opens in a new tab)which offers superb speeds and excellent customer service.

How to watch MLB playoff live streams in the US

Finding live MLB playoff streams online is much easier online than regular season games that are locked behind regional sports networks. Our top pick for watching MLB playoff games online is with Sling TV’s blue and orange bundle. Orange gives you ESPN, while Blue gives you Fox (provided you have a local affiliate), FS1 and TBS. That’s part of why Sling is the best alternative to cable TV.

All of these channels except TBS are on fubo TV.

YouTube TV at $70 per month, Hulu with Live TV, and DirecTV Stream also have the above channels, but Sling Orange + Blue is only $50. This accessibility has secured its place on our best streaming services list.

How to watch MLB playoff live streams in the UK

BT Sport is the place to watch MLB playoff games online in the UK. You don’t have BT on your current plan? You can get it straight away with the £25 monthly pass (opens in a new tab).

And if BT Sport’s monthly prices are still too high for you, remember that MLB.TV is also available in the UK. That’s around £50 a month, with no blackout rules whatsoever.

How to watch MLB playoff live streams in Canada

Looking to watch MLB playoff games in the Great White North? Well, Canadian sports fans will find games split between Sportsnet (home of the since-eliminated Jays) and TSN.

TVA Sports and RDS, depending on the language of your choice and the region, can also be your source.

You can also get MLB.TV in Canada, although the Blue Jays are subject to outages.

How to watch MLB playoff live streams in Australia

As was the case with the regular season, live streams of the MLB playoffs will air on both Kayo Sports (opens in a new tab) and Foxtel (opens in a new tab). The services in the past have had some MLB games from ESPN.

Kayo offers a 14-day free trial for its Basic and Premium plans, more than enough time to confirm they’re actually streaming the games. The basic package costs $25 per month (opens in a new tab) after. The Kayo Premium plan at $35 per month gives you the same things as the normal plan, but it offers three simultaneous streams. The basic plan gives you two streams at the same time.

MLB Playoff Live Stream Schedule and Channels

We have the full schedule for the entire MLB postseason. We’ll populate this schedule (and remove completed streaks) as the games progress.

All times below in Eastern Time

* indicates games that may not be needed

ALDS: Yankees (1) vs. Guardians (1)

  • Game 1: KEY 1, NYY 4
  • Game 2: KEY 4NYY 2
  • Game 3: October 15 (7:37 p.m.) @ Cleveland on TBS
  • Game 4: October 16 (7:07 p.m.) @ Cleveland on TBS
  • Game 5*: October 17 (7:37 p.m.) @ New York on TBS

ALDS: Astros (2) vs. Mariners (0)

  • Game 1: SEA 7, HOO 8
  • Game 2: WED 2, HOO 4
  • Game 3: October 15 (4:07 p.m.) @ Seattle on TBS
  • Game 4*: October 16 (3:07 p.m.) @ Seattle on TBS
  • Game 5*: Oct. 17 (5:07 p.m.) @ Houston on TBS

NLDS: Dodgers (1) vs. Padres (2)

  • Game 1: SD 3, ADL 5
  • Game 2: DS5ADL 3
  • Game 3: DS2CONT 1
  • Game 4: October 15 (9:37 p.m.) @ San Diego on FS1
  • Game 5*: Oct. 16 (9:07 p.m.) @ Los Angeles on FS1

NLDS: Braves (1) vs. Phillies (2)

  • Game 1: ISP 7, ATL 6
  • Game 2: ATT 3PHI 0
  • Game 3: ISP 9ATT 1
  • Game 4: Oct. 15 (2:07 p.m.) @ Philadelphia on FS1
  • Game 5*: Oct. 16 (4:37 p.m.) @ Atlanta on FS1


  • Game 1: October 19 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 2: October 20 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 3: October 22 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 4: October 23 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 5*: October 24 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 6*: October 25 (time TBD) on TBS
  • Game 7*: October 26 (time TBD) on TBS


  • Game 1: October 18 (time TBD) on FOX/FS1
  • Game 2: October 19 (time TBD) on FOX/FS1
  • Game 3: October 21 (time TBD) on FS1
  • Game 4: October 22 (time TBD) on FOX/FS1
  • Game 5*: October 23 (time TBD) on FS1
  • Game 6*: October 24 (time TBD) on FS1
  • Game 7*: October 25 (time TBD) on FOX/FS1

World Events

  • Game 1: October 28 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 2: October 29 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 3: October 31 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 4: November 1 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 5*: November 2 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 6*: November 4 (time TBD) on FOX
  • Game 7*: November 5 (time TBD) on FOX

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