Pokimane’s terrifying TikTok scammer story is a warning to young influencers

Pokimane revealed that she was “almost blackmailed” by a scammer recently as she shared her experience on her official TikTok account.

The Twitch streamer’s rather chilling encounter should serve as a wake-up call to all young influencers as she detailed her gruesome experience.

Pokimane especially warned smaller creators to beware of scammers as even the most experienced ones can easily fall prey to them.

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Pokimane details spooky experience on TikTok

In the three-minute video shared to Pokimane’s TikTok account on Wednesday, November 9, the streamer reveals she was contacted by a scammer posing as someone from an underwear brand she trusts. and she approves.

Calling it a “really weird influencer scam,” the streamer is urging other content creators not to fall for the trap.

She claimed that someone claiming to be from “Neiwai” contacted her via email, seeking a collaboration opportunity.

Unsuspecting at first, Pokimane thought the sender was a genuine representative of the company and considered sending him measurements after a few days for some free items from their “new collection”.

But, she realized something was wrong with the request when they asked her to send a photo of her “bare chest”.

She said: “I realized they weren’t showing me how to take my measurements. They asked me to put a measuring tape around me and send me a picture of my bare chest.

Small influencers warned against the scam

Pokimane soon realized that the emails had been sent to her from fabricated accounts that included the brand’s name and even a PowerPoint with photos of their supposed “new collection” that looked realistic.

She urged her followers and other users never to share any of their information with such scammers, including their home addresses. She prefers things to be sent to a PO box instead.

“The amount of effort they put in is both comical and scary. I don’t even want to think about what they would have done if I had sent them anything,” Pokimane explained.

Streamer’s account has 6.4 million subscribers

Thanks to Pokimane’s popularity on TikTok, over 6.4 million followers have now been tipped off about the “influencer scam” on the internet.

She is the most followed woman on Twitch with 9.3 million followers and is also the most popular streamer on the platform in the United States, reports Dexerto.

You can find all of her latest vlogs on her official YouTube channel, where she has 6.67 million subscribers, at the time of writing.

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