There is now a video game where you can play as Jesus Christ

There have been many video games about the many books of the Bible. One of the most notorious was the unauthorized Biblical Adventures for the NES. It was only playable through a workaround that existed in the cartridge itself and was an example of the lengths some publishers would have to go to to make their game available if it was not approved by one of the video game giants of the time.

It’s now 2022 and with places like Steam and there are plenty of ways to play games from indie developers. So it shouldn’t be surprising that we see a few more games using Bible stories. A recent game, however, showed its trailer on YouTube and it’s causing quite a stir on the internet. It’s because this game I am jesus christallows the player to act out the stories of Jesus through the eyes of Jesus.

Dubbed the “Jesus Simulator”, it’s a game that lets players play through many of the Bible’s best-known moments, like when Jesus turned water into wine, but it’s all run through the point of view. to the first person. All of the gameplay that we see in the trailer is from the perspective of this game’s interpretation of Jesus. We see a few gameplay moments, such as Jesus charging the Holy Spirit so that he can perform miracles, and while some people may think it sounds like a joke, it all looks very serious and the game feels very real.

The game itself isn’t out yet, its Steam page has an expected Q2 2023 release date, but the free prologue will be available in December for anyone curious to see what it looks like.

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