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Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas said on Saturday that Republic Services, the city’s waste hauler who has been on strike with his workers for three weeks, said it will pick up all trash, green waste and recyclables from the city from Monday.

It was not clear whether other parts of the county served by Republic Services would also be included in the pickups. The company did not respond to the Union-Tribune’s request for information on Saturday.

In a city letterhead statement posted to his Twitter account, Salas said company officials made the pledge to Chula Vista customers in a meeting on Saturday morning.

A city spokesperson later said that the waste hauler clarified that although all three types of trash are collected from homes, “this week they will be disposed of as trash.”

“Some garden and recycling bins may be contaminated with trash or weathering, which will allow the company to dispose of any accumulated waste,” the city official said.

The mayor said that due to her frustration with the strike, she will ask city council at its Tuesday meeting “to consider all options, including in-house garbage collection or the selection of another business, to ensure the disruption of this vital service never happens again.

The strike began on December 17 when more than 250 workers from the private company left work. Workers demand better wages and benefits. Workers on Thursday rejected the company’s latest offer.

The strike resulted in a build-up of trash in Chula Vista and other parts of San Diego County, as well as frustration for residents.

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No end for strike against waste hauler Republic Services; the union rejects the last offer Fri, 07 Jan 2022 01:17:00 +0000

The union representing more than 250 Republic Services employees who quit their jobs three weeks ago has rejected an offer from the waste hauler, the company said Thursday.

“Republic Services is disappointed that the union representing our striking employees in San Diego and Chula Vista has rejected a company proposal that would have resulted in a new employment contract and the end of the three-week work stoppage union, ”read an emailed statement. of the company.

Garbage pickup has stopped in areas such as Bonita, Chula Vista, Clairemont, Eastlake and other parts of San Diego County after the workers strike on December 17. their waste in Republic Services landfills.

The country’s second-largest waste collection company said Thursday marked the 15the bargaining session with Teamsters Local 542, five of which involved a federal mediator.

Union officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Republic Services did not say whether negotiations will continue and declined to share details of the offer, but said in its statement that the company’s offer “included a very competitive salary and total compensation and benefited from support and encouragement from partners and city leaders “.

Thursday’s announcement comes after the city of San Diego threatened to take action against the waste hauler if it does not provide the city with a “plan to immediately address these issues regarding your failure.” The notice, sent by the city’s environmental services division on December 30, gave Republic Services until January 3 to respond.

The company responded that day with a letter assuring the city “that we are negotiating in good faith to reach a fair resolution as quickly as possible.” Officials went on to list work the waste hauler said it did amid the work stoppage, including adding drivers and supervisors for San Diego routes, rolling containers so that facilities for the city can properly dispose of their waste and set up free waste disposal for themselves. -transport in their landfills.

City officials said on Wednesday they were reviewing the Republic services action plan.

Until further notice, the company said on Thursday that its “emergency operations plan” will continue and that its “blue team” out-of-area “drivers” will remain at work and continue to make progress in serving our customers. ” .

After weeks of stacked trash bags and remaining vacation packages, customers in Chula Vista and parts of San Diego saw some relief last week after their black trash cans were picked up by blue teams. Yet an unknown number of customers have yet to receive service. Republic Services said on Monday it expected its residential solid waste collection to catch up by Friday. Recyclable materials and garden waste were not picked up; the company said it is currently focusing on solid waste.

Chula Vista City Manager Maria Kachadoorian said on Wednesday that she had asked the city’s parks and public works teams to pick up trash in the public right-of-way., in particular the new local rainwater collectors.

We are also working to re-establish recycling and green waste disposal services, with alternatives mapped out if a proper resumption of service does not take place this week. We don’t have the staff or the equipment to pick up the containers and take over the services provided by Republic Services, ”she said.

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Organic food waste recycling delayed across much of San Diego County – NBC 7 San Diego Wed, 05 Jan 2022 06:04:25 +0000

Thousands of Californians were due to start scraping their plates in green bins for composting from this week. However, many jurisdictions were not ready to launch the trucks and green bins.

Food waste creates methane in landfills. Ian Monahan, I like a clean San Diego“It is the most toxic greenhouse gas,” the spokesperson said.

On Tuesday, EDCO trucks were seen roaming La Mesa picking up green bins. A City of La Mesa The spokeswoman said the city and its sanitation partner have been composting food waste since April 2021, months ahead of the January 1, 2022 deadline. Monahan said EDCO also collects organic waste in Lemon Grove, Escondido, Fallbrook, San Marcos and Ramona.

The city of San Diego said last month that its organic waste recycling program would be delayed until the summer of 2022. A spokesperson sent a statement to NBC 7 saying, “Due to the size of the city and the need to deliver green bins to more than 240,000 homes, implementation will not happen all at once. Instead, it will be done in phases. “

the City of Chula Vista and its sanitation partner Republic Services was ready to start collecting food waste in green bins this week. However, a labor strike delayed the delivery of green bins to thousands of customers and delayed the regular service of garbage and recyclables for thousands of households.

A Waste Management spokesperson said they have organic recycling services available to customers in parts of San Diego, Santee and Oceanside. She said some customers will need to register for organic pickings in their jurisdictions.

On Tuesday morning, Republic Services and Teamsters Local 542 met with a federal mediator. There had been no update as of Tuesday afternoon.

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]]> London’s expanded biogas company is now the country’s largest food waste diversion plant Mon, 03 Jan 2022 01:01:36 +0000

A London-based company that turns organic waste into fuel has expanded its plant, making it the largest food waste diversion plant in Canada.

StormFisher has built a third facility at its South London site, along Green Valley Road, near the motorway. 401, to make more fuel from the waste of the whole region.

“This is in addition to the current facility, which allows us to support more customers in southwestern Ontario, as well as produce more renewable natural gas from the facility, because we have a greater processing capacity, ”said Brandon Moffatt, vice president of development at StormFisher.

The new facility, built in partnership with Generate, a sustainable infrastructure company, will increase the company’s food intake capacity by 30%.

StormFisher collects organic waste from restaurants, grocery stores, municipalities and businesses such as Labatt and Maple Leaf Foods, and turns it into renewable gas and electricity for sale.

This is done using a process called anaerobic digestion, in which organics break down in large oxygen-free tanks that are heated to around 40 ° C. The method helps keep methane out of the atmosphere and produces fuel. negative carbon, an alternative to natural gas. .

This is a process that could soon be used by the City of London, which is expected to roll out its long-awaited green program in late 2022 and early 2023.

“As new customers go online, like the City of London and its green bin program, our additional capacity gives us the ability to support these types of customers,” Moffatt said.

In addition to fuel, digested organic material is used to produce a more sustainable organic fertilizer for use in agriculture, Moffatt said.

The 18-month construction of the facility was completed in the fall.

“We’re the largest plant in Canada by volume, and we’re one of a handful of plants that produce renewable natural gas,” Moffatt said.

StormFisher has approximately 50 employees across the province, with between five and 10 jobs added in the past year, he said, adding that “we continue to grow in southwestern Ontario.”

The new infrastructure will help meet targets of reducing the millions of tonnes of organic waste in Ontario sent to landfills each year, most of which ends up in Michigan, Moffatt said.

“This is another example of how we can do this cost-effectively (and) sustain the environment. ”

The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada

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Garbage rates set to increase in 2022 | Community Thu, 30 Dec 2021 21:10:00 +0000

New state-imposed requirements call on municipalities to help reduce California’s organic waste by 75% over the next three years, leading to changes in the way West Side residents and businesses sort their waste and , at the same time, to an increase in costs.

The extent of the increase and when it will begin remains unclear.

California throws about 30 million tonnes of trash into landfills each year, more than 30 percent of which, like green waste and food materials, could be used for compost or mulch. Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the decomposition of organic waste in landfills have been identified as a significant source of emissions contributing to global climate change. Senate Bill 1383 calls on municipalities to help reduce California organic waste by separating organics from the waste stream by using a third box strictly for food and green materials, or by having the waste department separates food and recyclable items from the trash. The regulations will be gradually rolled out for residences and businesses.

The towns of Newman and Gustine have yet to make a decision on how they will comply with the new regulations, but tariff increases are expected in both cases.

“The Town of Newman is still in negotiations with our contract supplier Bertolotti Disposal,” said Michael Holland, Director of the Town of Newman. “Based on the conversations, it is expected that a third box, picked up each week, will be added to the service. As we have already planned the collection of green waste at the curb until March, we plan to start on April 1. There will be an increase in rates associated with the increase in service. However, we are still working on this component.

Gustine City Manager Doug Dunford said the city will send out a request for proposal on Jan.5 to deal with the city’s waste regulations. Once these are received and reviewed, City Council will decide whether Gustine will use a third box option or pay for the sorting service.

SB 1383 also requires large businesses and corporations to participate in an edible food salvage program to donate excess food – a requirement that will come into effect on January 1, 2022 for large grocery stores and supermarkets, and January 1. 2024, for large restaurants and other large food suppliers.

There will be fines for residents and businesses that do not comply and for cities if they do not enforce the new requirements, however, these fines will not begin until 2024. Until then, the cities and CalRecycle will stand by. focus on education.

Rising garbage rates will force the city to go through a Prop election. 218 which gives voters the opportunity to oppose increases.

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Negotiations resume between the services of the Republic and sanitation workers as garbage accumulates Wed, 29 Dec 2021 06:35:00 +0000 On Tuesday afternoon, union representatives told News 8 that negotiations were still ongoing. Meanwhile, more and more residents say the garbage piles are increasing.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif .– After a Christmas hiatus, negotiations resumed Tuesday between Republic Services and striking sanitation workers.

Workers have been on strike for over a week now, demanding a new contract with better pay, safer work trucks and other provisions.

“I think it’s very encouraging that both parties are back on the table from eight o’clock this morning,” Chula Vista board member Steve Padilla told News 8 on Tuesday.

Padilla, along with Deputy Mayor Andrea Cardenas, issued a statement urging the services of the Republic and the union representing the workers to resume negotiations as soon as possible after the Christmas recess.

“They weren’t scheduled to return to the table until next week,” Padilla explained. “And obviously this is a difficult and critical time, it is an essential municipal service that keeps our community healthy and safe.”

As the strike and negotiations unfold, residents of Chula Vista have already complained about the build-up of trash for days. Garbage piles are also becoming a nuisance in other parts of San Diego.

CBS 8 viewers have submitted photos of their neighborhood as piles of trash have yet to be picked up. More … than…

posted by CBS 8 San Diego to Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Neighbors in Bankers Hill showed News 8 overflowing dumpsters on Monday. In Kearny Mesa, a cellphone video shows a trash can at Ariva Apartments with several bags inside. The apartments management emailed the residents, saying the strike was the cause of the backup and “Please know that we are working diligently and trying to outsource additional businesses to help resolve the issue. problem”.

“These workers are essential frontline workers who, frankly, are a part of this community and a part of this community as well,” said Padilla. “Their waste is not collected, their waste does not move, their recycling does not move.”

Republic has faced and resolved similar strikes before, most recently in Los Angeles. City Councilor Padilla said Chula Vista’s contract with the company allows Republic to negotiate and negotiate with the goal of ending the strike before contractual issues arise.

Padilla said he and the city are hopeful that this will happen soon.

Padilla and Cardenas issued the following joint statement in response to the ongoing labor dispute between Republic Services and the Chula Vista sanitation workers represented by Teamsters Local 542:

“We share the disappointment of our colleagues Chula Vistans with the lack of garbage collection last week. The strike that began on December 17th could not have come at a worse time for our community. City officials have worked very hard over the past week, including this statutory holiday weekend, to ensure Republic Services continues to provide the services required under our franchise agreement. Despite these efforts, we recognize that full regular service has still not resumed.

Republic Services is obligated to mitigate impacts and fulfill its obligations under the contract to protect the health and safety of our community. In consultation with the City Manager, she informed us that City staff are currently working with Republic to ensure that at a minimum, garbage is picked up and disposed of properly until this labor dispute is resolved. We are also working to re-establish recycling and green waste disposal services and to develop contingency plans if adequate services are not resumed immediately.

For single-family homes, Republic Services has informed the City that all garbage will be picked up on the day scheduled this week. Please leave your bins (the black ones) at the curb to pick them up. Until the full resumption of services, please do not leave your recycling (blue cans) or your garden waste (green cans) at the curb in order to avoid the accumulation of objects on the public road. Recycling and yard waste can be sent to the Otay landfill for disposal at no cost to residents of Chula Vista.

The Otay landfill will be open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. The landfill will close at 3 p.m. on December 31, New Years Eve.

Pickups for commercial and multi-family customers will take place this week, but it may not be the scheduled service day. If you have a critical issue with waste buildup, please contact Republic Waste at 619-421-9400.

Finally, we strongly urged Republic Services and Teamsters Local 542 to return immediately to the bargaining table. We are happy to announce that the two sides will resume negotiations from tomorrow, Tuesday, December 28 at 8:00 a.m. We encourage an early settlement on a fair contract to be concluded, so that we can resolve this untenable situation. We appreciate the work of our essential frontline sanitation workers, especially in times of a global pandemic. “

WATCH RELATED: San Diego sanitation workers strike for more than a week, piles of dumpster waste yet to be picked up

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What “green” change have you made this year? We want to hear from you Mon, 27 Dec 2021 10:10:01 +0000

As the year draws to a close, it’s a time for people to reflect: what happened last year?

A lot has happened. The pandemic is raging. It was another year marked by wildfires in the west, flooding in the east, hurricanes in the south and a record-breaking heat wave in the Pacific Northwest.

Also in 2021, a United Nations panel of experts released a landmark report publishing a red code for humanity. He warned that the world is approaching irreversible tipping points if governments, businesses and individuals do not take action to address the climate crisis.

Tires, VHS tapes, old televisions: What Hoosiers Said Are The Hardest Items To Recycle

So what steps have you taken to make your life greener? We wrote stories of how to sharpen your recycling skills Where reduce food waste, but we wanted to hear from you.

As New Years Day is just around the corner, we want to open a dialogue with you on the subject right here in the comments section of this article. What change have you made to sustainable development over the past year? Why do you do that? How was it? Have you stuck with it?

Nick Cooper-Garcia walks around collecting discarded food for Earth Mama Compost on Thursday, February 4, 2021 in Indianapolis.  The food will be used to make compost.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas on how to live a more environmentally friendly life. We’re going to put all of your answers together and, you never know, that might inspire someone else to make a resolution for next year to bring about lasting change.

To join the conversation, click the blue “View Comments” button at the top or bottom of this story. Create a free account to join. If you are already a subscriber or already have an account, make sure you are logged in. You can submit questions in advance.