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Protecting public health is at the heart of the Environmental Improvement Council’s mission, and it has a rare opportunity to protect the long-term health of New Mexicans with just one action this month. As it reviews the rules proposed by the New Mexico Department of the Environment on oil and gas pollution, the Environmental Improvement Council is expected to include key improvements supported by public health advocates and l industry that will offer the strongest possible protections, especially for the frontline communities living closest to well sites.

The American Lung Association gave New Mexico’s major oil and gas producing counties an F rating for ozone in its 2021 State of the Air report. Oil and gas operations are a significant source of ozone-forming VOCs and methane emissions from ventilation, flaring and leaks. Well site toxins and smog can worsen respiratory illnesses like emphysema, trigger asthma attacks, and impact the cardiovascular system. That’s why the council should strengthen proposed rules to protect frontline communities by requiring more frequent inspections to find and repair leaks at our backyard sites, accelerate the transition to cleaner, less polluting pneumatic controllers. bleeding and ensure the capture of the pollution created. during well completions.

Once again, we had to contact the Santa Fe Solid Waste Department for green waste disposal. The staff were different but the result was the same. We left our message and received a reminder promptly. Roberta was very informative, very nice, made the appointment and called us when the appointment had to be changed preventing us from waiting unnecessarily. Kim called to remind us of our meeting time. Then we met Steven, the driver, a sweet young man who cleaned up “like it never even happened”. Thank you for the extraordinary efforts of this department in making customer service what it should be.

Harold and Rosina Downing

The current and past boards of directors and staff of the Santa Fe Children’s Museum are incredibly saddened by the untimely death of John Silver. John was president of the museum in the 1990s. We were a young organization and he quickly embraced our mission and helped us become a vibrant community resource. He was determined to increase our budget so that we could serve the community. He was not an educator but supported our commitment to experiential learning. During those years, John was our cornerstone – always there to support new programs, brainstorm our ideas, raise funds and help solve problems. And he did everything with grace and a smile.

John brought his family to the museum family. Abe, Marian, Gloria, Margaret, Scott and Carolyn were always present at museum events and assisting at our auctions (with John often serving as auctioneer). John convinced his father to donate some of his electric trains to the birthday hall. We saw John and Gloria’s children grow up at the museum. The Santa Fe Children’s Museum wouldn’t be here today without the hard work, dedication and support of John and the Silver family. John loved the museum and we all loved him back.

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s office is committed to providing the most useful and practical information to candidates for public office. For potential candidates interested in running for office in 2022, one of the first steps to getting to the polls is to collect signatures on petition forms from registered voters in their constituency. This year, however, the petition forms that our office is issuing for applicants seeking a district office will be delayed due to the redistribution and backlog of census data from the federal government.

Receipt of valid signatures on a petition form is based on official district boundaries set by the legislature, and by law our office cannot issue these forms for district offices until the redistribution is complete. , probably in December after a special session. We plan to release the official nomination petition forms for district-based offices in January.

However, approved nomination petition forms for statewide / non-district offices will still be made available by our office on October 1. These forms can be obtained by contacting our office or downloading them from our website at

Office of the Secretary of State for New Mexico

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Yakima City Council Uses Microorganisms to Break Down Organic Waste | Local Fri, 24 Sep 2021 14:31:38 +0000

Yakima City Council will continue to study microorganisms as an option for breaking down organic waste in Yakima.

The council on Tuesday passed a resolution allowing city staff to apply for a grant through the Environmental Protection Agency to support the use of anaerobic digestion, a natural process in which microorganisms Break down organic material such as food scraps, manure and other organic waste, according to the EPA.

The product process biogas, which is a renewable energy source made up of methane and carbon dioxide. Digestate is the solid material that remains after anaerobic digestion. The nutrient-rich product can be used as a fertilizer, the EPA said.

The city is already working on an EPA grant application for an anaerobic digestion feasibility study, said board member Kay Funk. Funk is a member of the Yakima County Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

The study would assess costs and revenues, waste streams and energy yields, she said. It would also decide how the biogas and digestate products could be used.

Yakima resident Coleen Anderson supports the use of anaerobic digestion to break down green waste, she said in public comment.

“It would benefit all residents of Yakima, including racially diverse and vulnerable populations, for example by improving air quality and reducing garbage collection costs,” Anderson said. “In addition, the city could generate considerable income from the sale of bioenergy and fertilizers and compost which are by-products. “

Anderson said she still had questions and would attend a public information meeting.

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City awards four emergency contracts to resolve solid waste collection crisis Thu, 23 Sep 2021 21:44:17 +0000

City awards four emergency contracts to resolve solid waste collection crisis

The City of New Orleans announcement that he goes assign four contracts to resolve solid waste collection vsrisk this is continue to plaguee our neighborhoods. Emergency contracts will be awarded at Ceres Environmental Services, LLC; River birch, SARL; Waste Management, Inc. and Witt O’Brien ‘s, SARL. The City continue FEMA funding to subsidize costs; the current estimateeat for any new emergency waste collection is in the order of $ 20 million.

“These additional contracts will complement the curbside solid waste collection in both service areas and include methodical coordination as they work in partnership with our current contractors who step in to help,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Residents are always very frustrated and we recognize that action is the only thing that will reassure our employees as we shift gears to tackle our garbage collection challenges. It’s a tough job, but now we have the resources to be successful.

We continued to to bring all available resources to support to rid our neighborhoods of garbage, ” said Deputy Managing Director of Infrastructure Ramsey Green.Our first attempt to outsource additional support received no compliant tenderer for Service zone 2 despite a national call to help. So, we mobilized the equipment and labor of many VScity ​​departments and partner agencies in the meantime to face this crisis step by step, and continue simultaneouslyed pursue others more timely option. Now we have gathered the right mix of people, equipment and a local transfer station start making substantial progress towards solve this crisis next week. We are very grateful for the support of Gthe governor Ooffice of Homeland Ssecurity and Eemergency Prepair (GOHSEP) Director General James Waskom and Denvironment department Qquality Secretary Dr. Chuck Brown for helping to negotiate this solution.

Ceres Environment, LLC‘s (Ceres) existing contract with the City is being to modifyed to facilitate the collection of solid waste throughout the city. From Friday September. On the 24th, eight teams will start collecting all solid waste outside the garbage carts using heavy equipment (dump trucks, front loaders, etc.). Ceres will continue with a steady ramp-up of equipment and manpower over the next week to reach a total of 35 crews. This work effort is separate from the emergency storm debris contract and will have a negligible impact on the sequencing of this work.. Residents should not expect storm debris to be picked up as part of these emergencies garbage collection contracts.

The City retains historically eligible storm debris (Vegetative, C&D, White Goods, etc.) and storm-related waste emergency household waste collection (excess waste caused by prolonged power outages) separate because there will be two requests for assistance. Since FEMA has the final decision on the eligibility of public aid applications, it is in the best interest of the City not to mix up expenses that could make the eventual reimbursement process more difficult if approved.

Witt O’Brien’s existing contract is being edited monitor the collection of solid waste from Ceres from Friday, September. 24. This work effort is separate and independent from emergency monitoring. storm debris contract and will have a negligible impact on the supervision of this work.

River Birch LLC will be awarded an emergency contract to support solid waste collections on Saturday September 7. 25 and Sunday Sept.. 26 with 20 garbage trucks in service area 2 only. The contract includes an option for additional support on upcoming weekends, as needed and if trucks and drivers are available.

Waste Management will be granted an emergency 90one-day contract to reopen and operate a waste transfer station that will support solid waste collection throughout the city located at 16600 Chef Liar Highway, New Orleans, LA 70129. This New Orleans-based transfer station cuts the time it takes for trucks to haul trash to landfill in half so crews can cover more roads each day.

Emergency trash contracts Monitoring

Make sure effective management, the The city will take advantage on the site know-how of Office of the Governor of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP). GOHSEP Agency Director THEIeyoutenant VSolonel Euclid D. Talley will oversee day-to-day operations in support of the sanitation director. Together, these four companies will start emergency household waste collection to Friday, Sep. 24. In the next few days, a the progress map for this operation will be available on

Update on service area 1 Solid waste collection

Richard’s elimination will continue collection in Service zone 1 with 18 trucks, seven days a week from 4.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Last week, Ramelli Waste, LLC (Ramelli) was awarded a contract to increase solid waste collection from Richard’s Disposal in service area 1 for more than 3000 households.The crews started the Thursday, September 16 with four trucks focused on the removal of solid waste at the curb and garbage bags; additional trucks will be added as they become available.Richard’s Disposal continued to make strong progress towards returning to regular solid waste collection twice a week.

Service Area 2 Solid Waste Collection Update

Metro Services Group, LLC continues operations with 15 to 20 trucks in Service Zone 2, six To seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. IV Waste Management supports their efforts with between three and eight trucks, Tuesday through Sunday.

Gradual ramp down Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep – Service area 2

The City launched Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep in Florida neighborhood on Thursday, Sept.. 16. The crews of mmultiple City departments and partner agencies have continued to work daily using heavy equipment (dump trucks, front loaders, etc.) and workers to remove the garbage bags from the 51 subzones in service area 2. Nowadays, 197 loads (2,955 cubic yards (1,182 tons)) Have been cleared of ten completed sub-areas and the crews will continue to work actively like we rise in power production. See the Mardi Gras Clean Sweep operation Pprogress Map.

Emergency debris removal

The City’s emergency debris removal contract was in place prior to Hurricane Ida. Debris contractor Ceres began last week collecting about 200,000 cubic yards (54,000 tonnes) of storm debris that will be picked up via three city-wide passes.The debris collection tracking card is now displayed on Cleaning – Ready for NOLA. Nowadays, over 57,000 cubic yards (19,232 tonnes) of storm debris were recovered, and 2,344 dangerous limbs / trees were removed. Based on the progress to date, we estimate that it will take around 30 days to complete the first pass.Information will be shared publicly on the planned collection schedule and route for the third and final pass.

Elysian Fields Transfer Station

In response to a myriad of inquiries about where residents can drop off solid waste, ta Ville opened the Elysian Fields transfer station Wednesday Sept.. 15 residents to dispose of bagged household garbage. This service is offered free of charge between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. seven days a week. Nowadays, 3 145 vehicles (approximately 300 tons) visited the transfer station to dispose of the waste. Elysian Fields transfer station will continue with this service operation for the foreseeable future.

“Thank you to the men and women who have been on the ground relentlessly removing garbage and debris from our streets since August 30. [Departments of Sanitation, Public Works, Parks & Parkways, Mosquito Control and Sewerage & Water Board, New Orleans Police Department, Orleans Parish Sherriff’s Office], ” said sanitation director Matt Torri. “The crews were able to regularly remove the bags through the vsity with a view to eese emergency trash contractors to get started. We also thank our residents for their support in using the Elysian Fields facility. ”

Separate collection remains suspended while entrepreneurs focus on solid waste collection. Residents can bring their recycling at the Champs Elysées depot which is planned for Saturday 25 Sep from 8 a m – 1 afternoon here is a connect to the remaining to file 2021 calendar.

Residents can call 311 for any questions regarding solid waste collection and debris removal.

Sanitation Department The Sanitation Department leads all activities related to garbage collection, disposal, recycling and street cleaning, including the registration of new bins and recycling bins. He is also responsible for ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations for the collection and disposal of solid waste for the city of New Orleans.

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No return to curb shredding | Blue Mountain Gazette Thu, 23 Sep 2021 05:00:00 +0000

There will be no return to the old green waste shredding service, after a report to council showed it would cost at least $ 7 more per household.

The curbside shredding service, where the council fed a shredder with green material and left it on the natural strip, was abandoned in 2020 in favor of a new system where green waste is collected and taken for recycling.

But earlier this year, concerns were raised that people wanted to recover the old system and found it difficult to group branches together for collection.

The council made a video to help resolve the consolidation issues, and then in April councilors voted to receive a report on the possible reintroduction of shredding to run alongside the new collection service.

The report, tabled at the August meeting, noted that the council already offers many options for disposing of green waste, including a bi-monthly green bin, reserved waste service (two per household per year), two advice who can take this waste, subsidized compost bins and free composting workshops run by the municipality.

The report said the services were “sufficient to meet the needs of the vast majority of households in Blue Mountains.”

He also noted that in its last year of operation, the shredding service was used by less than 2,000 households (6%)

He considered the possibility of reintroducing shredding, either by bringing in in-house staff and purchasing a truck and shredder (as the existing vehicles were sold after the service was discontinued) or by outsourcing the service.

Both would lead to increased costs, according to the report. The internal model would add $ 7.50 to the household waste management fee for each household; the third-party contractor would add approximately $ 7 / household.

He concluded that the reintroduction of the shredding service “would have negative effects on staff safety, duplicate the existing service, increase inefficiency and increase household waste costs for all residents while benefiting only a small fraction. part of the community ”.

Its recommendation – not to proceed with the reintroduction – was adopted unanimously by the board.

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Bill Gates’ green tech fund bets on Silicon Valley agricultural robots Wed, 22 Sep 2021 16:27:00 +0000

September 22 (Reuters) – As California grapples with another devastating drought, a Silicon Valley startup that believes robots can produce more sustainable products said on Wednesday it had raised $ 50 million as part of the a funding round led by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Iron Ox uses robots integrated into a hydroponic system that consume 90% less water than traditional farms, CEO Brandon Alexander said.

The company uses this system in a 10,000 square foot (930 square meters) greenhouse in Gilroy, California, where an autonomous robot named Grover moves pallets of Genoese basil and a robotic arm system lifts the pallets for inspection. Sensors check the nitrogen and acidity levels of the water for healthy growth.

“Then they say, ‘What’s missing? What does this plant need that we don’t give it, “” Alexander said. Any unused water can be pumped into the system for reuse later.

Genoese basil plants sit in a module of the Iron Ox greenhouse in Gilroy, California, USA on September 15, 2021. Photo taken on September 15, 2021. REUTERS / Nathan Frandino

Agriculture plays an important role in California’s economy, but the use of water is increasingly in the spotlight. The last major drought of 2012-2017 reduced irrigation for farmers, imposed strict household conservation measures and stoked deadly forest fires.

Iron Ox grows Thai basil and strawberries and works on cilantro, parsley, and tomatoes. The company is also building a new 535,000 square foot greenhouse in Lockhart, Texas, 30 miles south of Austin.

Alexander said hydroponics – saving water by growing plants without soil – is just one piece of the puzzle for future agriculture.

“To really eliminate waste, to really achieve that next level of sustainability and impact, we need to rethink the whole growing process,” he said.

The funding round included investors from Crosslink Capital, R7 Partners and Pathbreaker Ventures, among others. Iron Ox declined to comment on its rating.

Reporting by Nathan Frandino in Gilroy, California; edited by Richard Pullin

Our standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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5 peat-free composts for an ecological gardener Wed, 22 Sep 2021 07:00:46 +0000

Peat to be removed from garden compost by 2024, Country life look for the best ecological and sustainable alternatives to using peat compost in the garden.

With the climate crisis wreaking havoc and disruption in all corners of the world, the focus has rightly been placed on how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And when it comes to gardening, there is an environmentally destructive practice that we could do without.

Peat has traditionally been used as a growing medium since at least the mid-twentieth century. But as the gardens flourished, the peatlands (which form over thousands of years) withered and with them a valuable ecosystem, flood risk mitigation and carbon pool also vanished. It is believed that in the last century more than 95% of British peatlands have been destroyed or are in degraded condition.

Here’s another shock: It can take a year for the peat to grow by a millimeter. Alarmingly, this means that commercial extraction can suppress over 500 years of “growth” in a single year.

At a time when we should be doing everything to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere, digging a large reservoir of carbon for our ornamentals does not seem such a smart idea, yet home gardening accounts for 70% of land use. peat. The good news is that a shift in consumer demand can help us protect and restore our peatlands. After all, peat can only help us fight the climate crisis if we leave it in the ground.

With big names like the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) announcing their intention to get rid of peat moss by 2025, what can we, home gardeners, do at home?

5 ecological and sustainable alternatives to peat compost

1. Go coco for coco

Favored by Monty Don and the National Trust, coconut bricks made from coconuts are quickly becoming a popular alternative to peat. And for good reason. Usually sold in compressed bricks that expand when you add water, coconut is natural, biodegradable, and much easier to transport than 50L bags.

Made from coconut shells (a byproduct of the coconut industry), coconut coir has an open structure that is ideal for seedlings and root cuttings. In addition to using coir to make your own blend, there is a whole range of coir products, including coir with added nutrients or perlite (for extra drainage). While coir loses an ecological point for the shipping process, it uses waste material so overall it’s still a much more sustainable alternative to peat-based compost.

The best choice: Facing the crisis of both peat and plastic at the same time, For the love of peat offers 11.5 liter coconut bricks in recyclable paper packaging. This particular coir does not contain any added nutrients, so you might want to keep some fertilizer on hand (especially for potted plants).

2. Wise to the wool

From sleek insulation mats to less glamorous uses as a slug repellant, wool is a popular material in the home and garden. So it’s no surprise that it has also proven to be a useful potting medium. In addition to ticking the natural, renewable, and biodegradable boxes, wool is excellent at trapping moisture and acts as a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. What’s more, it has been found that wool also contains beneficial trace elements including potassium, sodium, iron, and phosphorus, which means your plants won’t suffer if you forget to fertilize.

The best choice: Wool is the staple ingredient of the established compost brand Dalefoot Compost (alongside the Lake District Fern) (BUY NOW). Its 100% peat-free range is also certified Soil Association, therefore a win-win for organic producers.

3. Feel good in the woods

Most peat-free composts contain some kind of wood, whether it’s composted bark, sawdust, wood, or waste paper. Wood-based mixes are a good all-rounder in the garden because they drain well and have a low pH. Wood chips make an excellent mulch and can sometimes be picked up for free from arborists. However, the quality of bagged items may vary. Look for Forest Stewardship certification as the wood is more likely to be a by-product of sustainably managed UK forests.

The best choice: SylvaGrow multi-purpose wood-based compost from Melcourt (BUY NOW), is free from peat, green waste (so less likely to harbor disease) and animal manure, which also makes it vegan. Plus, it’s RHS approved and produced in the UK, reducing your carbon footprint. Recurring customer? See if your local garden center offers their bags for life.

4. Have confidence in your home compost

To really improve your peat-free compost game, try making your own. The perfect blend will strike a balance between greens (moist, nitrogen-rich stuff such as fruit and vegetable scraps and grass clippings) and browns (dry carbon-releasing waste such as crumpled paper, cardboard, and grass). Straw). By immersing yourself in earth-based crafts, you will prevent food waste from going to landfill and your plants will be fed for free (so you can spend your money on fancy gardening tools). And when fall arrives, the piles of fallen leaves aren’t just fun to throw away, they can be turned into the crème de la crème of garden mulch: Gardener’s Gold (also known as leaf mold). ).

READ: 7 things to know before you start composting

5. Master the soil with Biochar

Considered a carbon storage savior, Biochar is just the right thing for climate-conscious gardeners. Biochar is basically a form of charcoal, which is made when organic material is heated to a high temperature (the technical term is pyrolysis). In addition to blocking carbon, Biochar is a hit among commercial growers for its ability to stimulate plant growth.

The best choice: Carbon Gold 100% peat-free biochar blends (BUY NOW) have been used to nourish entire orchards, Premier League soccer fields and royal parks, so your garden should be in good hands with this soil.

Still worried that this batch won’t compare to your normal compost? The ERS, which is 98% peat-free, found that “the trials of most plants grown in peat alternatives are comparable to those grown in peat,” so there is no excuse not to go to compost without peat.

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Mayor – News – September 2021 – The City reacts to the solid waste management crisis with a comprehensive plan Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:01:41 +0000

NEW ORLEANS – Today the city of New Orleans presented a short-term plan to address the solid waste management crisis plaguing our neighborhoods. Following an insufficient response to a nationwide emergency purchase for additional solid waste collection, the City is pursuing a multi-pronged approach to mitigate the build-up of waste throughout the city, tapping into service resources. internal services of the City and partner agencies, as well as Mardi Gras cleaning expertise.

Richard’s Disposal and Metro Services Group resumed limited solid waste collection on Thursday, September 2 in service areas 1 (orange) and 2 (green), respectively, with reduced staff to handle an exorbitant amount of solid waste, resulting in leads to collection routes taking three to five times longer than usual.

On Wednesday, September 8, the City issued an emergency contract to provide additional solid waste collection. The response period has been extended by three calendar days until Monday, September 13 to give bidders more time to respond. There were two respondents for the supply of Service Area 1, one of which was deemed non-responsive. The responsive bidder for Service Area 1 was Ramelli Waste, LLC (Ramelli).

The City’s contract with Ramelli will stabilize the collection of solid waste in service area 1 for more than 3,000 households. Ramelli started work on Thursday September 16 with four trucks focused on the collection of solid waste at the curb and bagged waste; additional trucks will be added as they become available.

For the supply of service area 2, the contractor who responded to the emergency supply indicated that he had 20 trucks; however, they do not have the manpower to operate the trucks. It is expected that this respondent will be deemed non-responsive in the coming days.

“Collecting solid waste was a challenge in large part due to the nationwide workforce issues affecting many sectors,” said Deputy Managing Director of Infrastructure Ramsey Green. “It was a problem before the storm that was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is an even bigger problem now that we continue to progress in our recovery with more than twice the amount of normal waste. small number of responsive bidders underscores the monumental challenge that continues to impact our remediation operations today.

Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep – Service area 2

In light of pervasive solid waste collection issues, the city launched Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep in the Florida neighborhood on Thursday, September 16. This initiative calls for the use of heavy equipment (dump trucks, front loaders, etc.) and workers to remove the bags. waste from the 51 subzones of Service Area 2. The teams consist of a front loader, two to three dump trucks and laborers, as well as an escort from the New Brunswick Police Department. -Orléans.

The city’s Mardi Gras clean-up contractors (MDL Enterprises and Ramelli Waste) will provide equipment and labor to five teams to assist them in this effort. Other agencies, including the Department of Sanitation, the Department of Public Works, Parks and Walks, the Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Commission, the New Brunswick Wastewater and Water Commission. Orléans, the office of the sheriff of the parish of Orléans, the Regional Transit Authority, the Louis Armstrong airport and the dike authorities will participate in this operation from Friday, September 17 with equipment, labor. work or a combination of the two.

Going forward, up to 10 teams will operate daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. using the River Birch landfill. The city plans to open an additional solid waste transfer station in eastern New Orleans to speed up the process with a waste collection point in service area 2. More information will be released when / if negotiations will be finalized.

An online dashboard will be available at to alert residents of the progress being made in the coming days. Throughout Operation Mardi Gras Clean Sweep, the City’s sanitation contractors will continue to empty the 95 gallon garbage carts provided by the City. IV Waste LLC started supporting Metro Services Group in Service Zone 2 with seven trucks on Wednesday September 15th; these resources will continue to support routes Tuesday through Saturday for the foreseeable future. Recycling collection remains on hold indefinitely so that all resources can be focused on solid waste collection.

“The men and women who work in the sanitation department have taken on this challenge head on and have worked tirelessly every day,” said Matt Torri, director of sanitation. “We are grateful to the many city departments and partner agencies that are looking forward and lending their resources to help resolve this issue.

Emergency debris removal

The City’s emergency debris removal contract was in place prior to Hurricane Ida. Debris contractor Ceres began last week collecting about 200,000 cubic yards (54,000 tonnes) of plant debris that will be picked up via three passes throughout town. Debris Collection Watch Map is now posted on CleanUp – NOLA Ready. To date, nearly 20,000 cubic yards (4,250 tonnes) have been recovered.

Elysian Fields Transfer Station

In response to a myriad of inquiries about where residents can drop off their solid waste, the City opened the Elysian Fields transfer station on Wednesday, September 15 for residents to dispose of bagged household garbage. This service is offered free of charge between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., seven days a week.

Residents can call 311 with any questions regarding solid waste collection and debris removal.

# # #

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Appeal Against Notice of Enforcement Regarding Use of Calderdale Waste Site Tue, 21 Sep 2021 05:00:00 +0000
Halifax City Hall

Mr. Johnathan Turner appealed to the Planning Inspectorate against the Calderdale Council’s June 3 decision to issue an execution on the use of the Stanley Works site, Lucy Street, Halifax, for violation of the to build.

The council says it has issued the notice due to violations of planning permission granted in 1990 to use part of the site as a waste transfer station, subject to conditions including limitations as to the type of material that can be stored there and at the height at which it can be stored at.

Approved materials are described in the authorization as “materials associated with construction operations (builders’ rubble) or excavation waste or topsoil”.

Breaches include material stored outside the authorized area and above the authorized height.

The nature of the material constitutes another breach, specifies the town hall, including green waste, wood, metals, plastic and a general dumpster.

Mr. Turner appealed against the formal notice on the grounds that the deadline for complying with the formal notice was too short.

The council notice states that within three months from the date the notice was issued, the appellant must cease storing unapproved waste on unapproved parts of the site or at an unapproved height and remove all materials that violate the building permit in this way.

Mr Turner says in practical terms that this means that the specified material must be removed from its current location and be removed from the site.

The existing waste transfer building at the site does not have the capacity to take the material and a more reasonable time to comply with the notice would be 12 months, he said.

The appeal will be determined by written representations. Comments can be submitted on the issue via email [email protected] uk or by sending three copies in writing to Maisie Milton-Newland, The Planning Inspectorate, Room 3A Eagle, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. The reference number for the appeal is APP / A4710 / C / 21/3278053.

All representation mists must be received by the Inspectorate by October 15, 2021 – all responses will be copied to the appellant and the local planning authority and will be reviewed by the inspector determining the call.

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American Airlines Partners With Bill Gates To Invest $ 100 Million In Green Technology Research Mon, 20 Sep 2021 17:55:14 +0000

American Airlines will contribute $ 100 million to a new green technology fund led by Bill Gates to stimulate research into technologies that reduce carbon emissions.

Microsoft, Bank of America, Blackrock and General Motors are among the other leading companies that joined the Breakthrough Energy Catalyst fund on Monday. The group’s goal is to provide low-interest loans and other low-cost investments to launch green technology projects.

American Airlines, based in Fort Worth, has joined the rest of the airline industry in setting ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions over the next 30 years, including targets to phase out all of its carbon footprint by 2050. However, there is no clear way of knowing how American or any other airline will get there based on current technology.

“Climate change is an acute and imminent challenge and it certainly is for aviation,” said Jill Blickstein, managing director of American Airlines who leads the company’s environmental efforts. “Other transport sectors have a decarbonisation path, but aviation does not. “

The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst fund and the American Airlines investment, in a way, is an admission that current technologies are not a solution to the outstanding environmental problems reported by climatologists.

The booming electric vehicle and truck industry is not sustainable for the aviation sector. American Airlines has agreed to invest up to $ 1 billion in a British manufacturer of short-range experimental aircraft. But airline executives, including US CEO Doug Parker, admitted there was no electric solution to carry hundreds of people hundreds and thousands of miles like commercial planes do.

“Avoiding a climate catastrophe will require a new industrial revolution,” Gates said in a statement announcing the partnerships. “Half of the technology needed to achieve zero emissions does not yet exist or is too expensive for much of the world.”

But unlike American’s investment in electric planes, there likely won’t be any direct profit for the company.

“I think we recognize and value the fact that this has the potential to impact the entire aviation industry,” said Blickstein.

That’s no small price for American, who has roughly $ 50 billion in debt after taking out some $ 22 billion in loans during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the business afloat.

Among the focus areas of the investment fund, American is most interested in sustainable aviation fuel, an emerging fuel source using recycled waste such as cooking oils to produce jet fuel. In theory, using sustainable aviation fuel reduces carbon emissions by around 80%.

American Airlines has pledged to purchase up to 9 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over the next three years and some of the US planes taking off from San Francisco International Airport are already powered by a mixture of regular jet fuel. and sustainable aviation fuel.

Competing airlines such as Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, Chicago-based United, and Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines have all made commitments to sustainable aviation fuel.

However, the entire sustainable aviation fuel industry produces only about 4.5 million gallons per year, compared to over 90 billion gallons of jet fuel consumed by the global aviation industry.

Sustainable aviation fuel is also three to five times more expensive than conventional jet fuel, so airlines need more production and lower prices.

“We need the SAF market to grow thousands of times over what it is today,” said Blickstein. “There are fuels made from used oil, but the production capacity we need does not yet exist.

One of Gol Airlines Boeing 737 NG.
Airlines companies

American Airlines takes a stake in South America’s second largest carrier Gol

American Airlines plans to buy a minority stake in a second South American airline, Brazil’s Gol, in a bid to strengthen ties with its strongest international region. Fort Worth-based American Airlines plans to spend $ 200 million on the 5.2% stake in Rio de Janeiro-based Gol, a super-low-cost airline that serves all of South America but is the stronger in Brazil.

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Seychelles Ministry of Environment implements recycling and energy efficiency practices Mon, 20 Sep 2021 06:04:06 +0000

The photovoltaic panel on the National Assembly building was made possible by a grant from the Indian government. (National Assembly)

(Seychelles News Agency) – The Seychelles Ministry of Environment has started implementing two green initiatives with the aim of promoting recycling and energy efficient use practices in public sector offices as part of of this year’s Clean Up the World campaign.

Public relations manager Linne Dubignon told SNA that the initiatives should be launched in National Assembly, where staff were already partially applying best practices.

“It should be noted that the National Assembly has photovoltaic panels installed on the roof; they don’t print or use plastic water bottles. However, they do not sort their waste because when the waste is collected, all the waste is placed in the same vehicle, ”Dubignon said.

The photovoltaic panel on the National Assembly Construction was made possible through a grant from the Indian government in conjunction with the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC).

She pointed out that colored bins have been provided to National Assembly for sorting waste and the assembly was put in touch with recycling companies for waste collection.

In Seychelles there are four main types of recycled waste – PET bottles, cans, paper and green waste, and it was pointed out that some public sector offices produce a lot of paper waste.

The launch of the initiative not having taken place in National Assembly for unforeseen reasons, the department continues to move forward.

“We will first address ourselves to justice, then to the various government ministries. The project is a project that the ministry will implement from this year to ensure a reduction in the amount of waste going to landfill,” a Dubignon declared.

On promoting efficient use of energy, Dubignon stressed that this will help tackle high utility bills in the public sector.

“We have seen that during the night, at a time when there is no one working, some offices keep their air conditioning and their lights on. It was then that we began to study a project to sensitize staff to the efficient use of electricity and water. . We liaise with public relations and communications managers to educate their peers on how to reduce the amount of water and electricity used. They will have to ensure that there is compliance, ”Dubignon said.

Through this initiative, employees will need to ensure that all devices are turned off after their work is completed. To help raise awareness among staff members, stickers promoting the efficient use of energy will be strategically placed in the offices.

Dubignon said many offices will not be able to switch their devices – refrigerators, microwaves and water dispensers – for energy efficient ones due to the ongoing pandemic.

“They will need to optimize their use appropriately. For example, don’t open the refrigerator when you don’t need anything or have nothing in the refrigerator. When heating food, two people can put in their bowls. This will ultimately reduce the electricity bill, ”she explained.

In order to ensure that the public sector respects the initiatives, the Cabinet of Ministers was briefed on these two issues on Wednesday.

“The involvement of ministers will help us get more people to implement the initiatives and practices. It will take some time for people to adapt to it, but we will get there slowly,” Dubignon said.

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