Video game – Nikke 2 Sat, 25 Sep 2021 04:21:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Video game – Nikke 2 32 32 Video game-style technology could reduce rehabilitation time for stroke, dystonia and sports injury patients Sat, 25 Sep 2021 04:21:00 +0000

Academic and engineering experts from the University of Strathclyde and the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) have partnered with UK and EU partners to cut rehabilitation times for stroke patients by up to 30%, of dystonia and sports injuries using video game-style technology. .

Image Credit: National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)

Funded by the European Commission as part of Horizon 2020, an initiative to stimulate economic growth through research, the two-year PRIME-VR2 project will create a digital environment using virtual reality (VR) through programs of rehabilitation.

The technology aims to improve the speed of rehabilitation and completion rates by making it more stimulating and will complement traditional rehabilitation methods while alleviating the physical demands placed on occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Structured as a level-based system where patients must complete online games to progress, the digital platform allows medical staff to track patient progress using game data and provide ongoing support virtually. .

The technology will help patients develop upper body motor skills to improve movements of their arms, wrists, hands and fingers and provide personalized activities based on their unique cognitive and physical impairments. For example, people with neurological movement dystonia can practice pouring a glass of water in the virtual world without spilling a drop in the real world.

The University of Strathclyde and the NMIS are supporting the industrial partners Loud1Design in the development of the virtual program and a prototype of a bespoke video game controller. The controller will be custom-made for each patient based on their condition and personal needs using additive manufacturing, a form of 3D printing where an object is constructed one thin layer at a time, allowing for customization.

Coordinated by the University of Pisa, the project includes other academic partners such as the Universities of Malta and Oulu, University College London and industrial partners from the world of technology and games. Saint James Hospital, Kinisiforo and NICOMED Rehabilitation Center and Global Disability Innovation Hub are providing patient needs and will monitor progress when prototypes are completed.

Andrew Wodehouse, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde and Founder of the European Consortium, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working alongside the Consortium on this exciting company, improving the rehabilitation of patients using virtual reality games tailored to their individual needs.

“The outcome of this project will make the long recovery process more engaging while allowing the patient’s performance to be accurately recorded, thus enabling specific and measurable goals to speed up rehabilitation time. We all look forward to the completion of the project, as it will be an important milestone for interactive technology in improving physical health and performance. “

Kareema Hilton, Manufacturing Engineer at National Manufacturing Institute Scotland, said: “This is a fantastic project that allows us to use developments in digital technology to potentially improve healthcare. The use of additive manufacturing demonstrates the benefits of a flexible design that can be tailor-made for an individual user – in this case, to meet an individual’s physical needs to aid in rehabilitation.

“We work closely with our colleagues at the University of Strathclyde and the wider consortium, bringing expertise from diverse backgrounds to ensure that the virtual platform and physical controller fully reflect the needs of each patient. “

I am delighted to be working on this project alongside Dr Wodehouse and the teams involved. Their human-centered design approach aligns well with my commercial design practice, and PRIME-VR2 strengthens our industrial-academic collaboration. The expertise and resources of NMIS will allow us to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing and responsive design in the delivery of these bespoke virtual reality controllers. “

Brian Loudon, Owner of Loud1Design

Design and test custom VR controllers for the Prime-VR2 project – Dr Andrew Wodehouse

Video credit: National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS)


National Manufacturing Institute of Scotland (NMIS)

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Deathloop, Retunal and the video game time loop Fri, 24 Sep 2021 16:30:00 +0000

Death loop just released as a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5, with generally favorable reviews. Praised for its unique gameplay, Death loop has a very apt and literal title. As a character named Colt, your goal is to break the time loop in the shadowy town of BlackReef, which travels the same day over and over again. If at first you don’t succeed, die and die again. This concept of a “time loop” is not new to video games and has been an effective method of telling entertaining stories in movies like. Edge of tomorrow and Curler. What makes the time loop such a compelling concept to incorporate into video games? The model is there, especially in recent versions like 12 minutes, Return, and of course Death loop. Each of these games incorporates the concept of the time loop a little differently, and because of that, each shows what the concept has to offer to video game support as a whole.

On the one hand, the concept of time loop intrinsically lends itself to storytelling. The idea of ​​having to repeat the same events over and over again, each time being a little different and getting something new out of it, is something that can work with a whole host of concepts. This is what led to the creation of another PlayStation exclusive this year, Return. Narrative director Gregory Lueden himself said so, stating in an interview with GamesRadar that “The cyclical nature of narrative design means the further you go, the more you discover Selene. What does the cycle do to someone?” Time loops in video games mean you not only have to craft some interesting gameplay mechanics to keep the cycle fresh, but the storytelling is just as important. What does the cycle mean for the player? What does this mean for the characters the player controls?

A photo of Deathloop

Image via Bethesda Softworks

This is evident in Return, and this is particularly evident for a video game like Death loop, which incorporates all kinds of lore and collectibles that, when all found throughout the multiple phases of the Loop, tell the whole story of Colt and why he wants to escape BlackReef in the first place. This type of storytelling mechanism also allows players to engage more in the game than ever before, providing a new layer of interactivity that would otherwise not be present without the time loop mechanism. The story of time loops also lends itself to more puzzle concepts, with players being encouraged to figure out how to ‘break the loop’.

RELATED: About ‘Deathloop’ And The Slippery Slope Of Playing With Too Many Toys

Even more important than the story is the gameplay mechanics of a time-loop-centric video game. This mainly comes from the fact that the developers of these games ask questions such as “what about the structure of this game that would encourage players to become familiar with it to the point of becoming experts?” In the case of Death loop, it is for survival, gameplay benefits for the player and story completion. Death loopFPS gameplay and escalating threats lead to a need for better weapons. However, each day results in an inventory reset, unless certain upgrades are collected, which allows you to collect a certain amount of inventory with you each time the time loop resets. It is in such game mechanics that the concept of the time loop in video games stands out most.

In the case of other recent time loop games Return and 12 minutes, the objectives are more or less the same as Death loop, but they are approached differently. Return highlights a wide variety of enemies with changing behaviors depending on the time loop you find yourself in. Compared to the variety of enemies in Death loop back has an entirely different approach to putting obstacles in your way to keep you from breaking the loop. An even more important stretch in the obstacle difference is the limited time given to the player in 12 minutes. Players are given carte blanche in an apartment to combine objects scattered throughout the area in each loop to achieve different results. Time loop games all have more or less the same goal, but how each game decides to get there depends not only on the game, but also to some extent on how the player decides to approach it.

The need to bring particular items with you to achieve different variations of success in the same scenarios makes something as standard as an FPS to have a new and exciting flair. Deciding which weapons work and which don’t work another part of the same part of the day you were in is what games are like Death loop encourages. Familiarity can breed contempt in other games, but those that incorporate time loops breed an entirely different dedication on the part of the player to learning the game and the gameplay thoroughly. back third person shooter game is very different from Death loop. It requires less precision, but it is also quite more punitive than Death loop.

Returnal’s gameplay and time loop system is based on long periods of “runs” that have no manual save option other than putting the PS5 into rest mode. Therefore, any failure on one of your “runs” leads to huge loss of progress and the restart of a time loop. Time-looped video games have the potential to be as rewarding and punishing as Return or as relaxed and encouraging of exploration as Death loop.

A screenshot of Deathloop

Image via Bethesda Softworks

The map design is still built in, but it’s especially important when it comes to games that have a time loop. When players cross the same area several times, the location should be interesting. In a game like 12 minutes, moving the player to the same apartment over and over again can seem repetitive and boring. However, the place is sure to be filled with an intricate environmental design and different puzzles to be solved with each rehearsal of the storyline. This is also true for Death loop, whose 1960s-inspired environmental design and BlackReef’s creative architectural structure lend themselves to constant exploration. Even detours that are not there in one part of the day could be there in another section.

back the backdrop of the planet Atropos is also central to the concept of the time loop. The procedural generation of rooms created on the decrepit mechanical planet keeps players on their toes, away from BlackReef’s design in Death loop. Each area of ​​the planet Atropos feels distinct from each other, to give players a sense of where they are in the loop. It is similar to Death Loop ‘s distinctions between different times of the day. Either way, time loop video games know how to make each location unique in order to help the player solve their problems and progress through the endless cycle.

Time loops in video games, if any, are a product of the repetitive nature of previous games. Taking that repetition and using it as a device to implement new puzzles, and asking players to approach the way they play the game in a more creative way, that’s what time loops are. While the word “repetitive” is something used to describe a negative aspect of a game, the video game time loop is one that uses such a thing to its advantage.

Death loop and Return are just the start if gamers continue to positively receive the concept of these games as well as they did. Add to that some indies experimenting with time-looped games like 12 minutes to create new and interesting puzzle games while being able to reuse the same assets, and you have a new genre of video game in full swing. Something akin to the rise of battle royale games in recent years, time-loop video gaming has real potential to overtake other gadgets and selling points in recent years to create a video game genre. truly creative, immersive and innovative that shows what the medium has to offer.

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Who are the Bene Gesserit of Dune? Let’s talk about the secret brotherhood of Denis Villeneuve’s film

It’s time to break the prophecies written in the sand.

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mxmtoon Explores New Genre Concept With Video Game EP – The Oswegonian Fri, 24 Sep 2021 01:50:12 +0000

mxmtoon, the indie pop artist also known as Maia, has landed a unique role as an artist, offering his voice for the latest installment of the “Life is Strange” game series, “Life is Strange: True Colors “.

After its release, mxmtoon released an extensive playlist containing the four songs used: “in the dark”, “creep”, “blister in the sun” and “every wave”. This is the first release of mxmtoon since the release of the studio album “dawn & dusk”, and it did not disappoint.

One of the most compelling aspects of mxmtoon as an artist is his range of tones and his unique ability to convey emotions. The first release of the EP was accompanied by a cover of Radiohead’s “creep”. mxmtoon was able to encapsulate the feelings of hopelessness and longing through echoes, hoarse voices and dreamlike instrumentals. The cover is strong in its own sense, adding elements of its own style while staying true to the basic framework of the original song. Not only was this song the right decision for a single release, it was something listeners didn’t know they needed to hear.

Sticking to the themes of desire and self-seeking, “blister in the sun” turns out to be a subtle hymn for those who know what they want. The chorus “Let me carry on / As I have blisters in the sun / Let me carry on / Big hands, I know you are the only one” expresses the desire to continue towards something unreservedly.

It follows the storyline of the game, as the main character, Alex Chen, attempts to solve the mystery of his brother’s death while embarking on a journey of self-discovery. “Blister in the sun” sums up the feelings of wanting to keep on living despite hardships and struggles and mxmtoon’s unique talent is also showcased through this cover.

In an interview with Game Rant, a company dedicated to video game reviews, insight, discussion and analysis, mxmtoon opened up about his contributions with the song “into the dark”.

“I think I tried to be a friend to her, and I think that’s really the topic of this song,” mxmtoon said. “It’s just about trying to find some hope in the dark.”

The lyrics, including “You helped me see the light / The faint fluorescent flicker / In a dark and vanquished night,” shows the desire to find hope in the darkness and mxmtoon’s pictures prove to be one of his best lyrical qualities.

mxmtoon has shown his worth as a young artist since the start of his career and this new chapter is an exciting one for mxmtoon fans.

Image of mxmtoon via YouTube

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It’s a “Call of Duty”: opening of a new video game store in downtown Racine, with the aim of keeping street children away | Local News Thu, 23 Sep 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Ivette Camarano and Ramsin Zaia are co-owners of Gamestersbay, a new video game store that will open in downtown Racine on Saturday.

Diana panuncial

ROOT – When Ramsin Zaia was a kid he “wasn’t exactly the best student” and wanted to spend his time playing video games. As a result, his parents would take his video games away from him, but still allow him to leave the house.

Born and raised in Chicago, Zaia and her peers were taking to the streets and getting into trouble. Looking back, he said playing video games could have saved him from getting into real criminal trouble.

“I realized it was something that would keep me from getting off the streets, if my parents just let me play games, even though I didn’t do so well in school,” said Zaia. “If they would just let me stay inside, I wouldn’t go mingle with these people.”

The value of video games during self-quarantine

Evanston Store

Gamestersbay’s first location is at 1808 Dempster St. in Evanston, Illinois. It opened around 2018.

Diana panuncial

So Zaia founded ay “target =” _ blank “> Gamestersbay, a video game store in Evanston, Illinois that offers video game products and spots for all ages. He wanted to provide a safe space for that. children have fun and stay away from the streets, while preserving and renovating vintage video games.

Alongside co-owner Ivette Camarano, Zaia is bringing a second Gamestersbay location to downtown Racine to fulfill the same purpose. The store will open Saturday at 6 p.m. at 223 Sixth St., on the corner of Sixth Street and Wisconsin Avenue, inside the space once occupied by As Time Goes By Antiques.

Help the community

The co-owners both grew up in Chicago, often in areas where there was “gang violence like you wouldn’t believe,” Camarano said. Camarano’s passion for helping children comes from both being a single mother and seeing her own mother divorce and how it affected her family.

Camarano is also a leader of the nonprofit, Get Off The Streets, which aims to provide solutions and training to keep children away from gang violence and drug addiction.

The organization – to which Zaia also contributes – is dedicated to Camarano’s brother Wilson Velazquez, a Cleveland police officer who died in January of heart disease.

Both owners hope the new location in downtown Gamestersbay will provide children with another supervised and safe place in Racine to play, especially when other centers are closed overnight.

The store will feature retro and modern games of all kinds, with plenty of TV screens for customers to play and test out old and new consoles, attracting a different audience that Zaia and Camarano want to target.

Old fashioned games

Gamestersbay, a new game store opened in downtown Racine, will offer vintage and modern games to its customers.

Diana panuncial

“Our goal is to stay open, late at night, and give barhoppers the opportunity to stop drinking,” Camarano said. She hopes Gamestersbay can be a sober addition to the downtown nightlife offerings.

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In addition to the storefront, Gamestersbay hopes to help equip Racine’s community centers with computers and consoles to give its customers the opportunity to play games or do their homework.

It starts with the Cesar Chavez Community Center, 2221 Douglas Avenue.

The future of Nintendo’s Game Boy line could have been very different if the WorkBoy had seen the light of day. The device was designed to bring PDA-like functionality to the original Game Boy.

Educational tools

Zaia and Camarano said they also hope to provide educational opportunities for Gamestersbay.

They envision a program where they can let children play video games and send them home with research questions, like “What are the origins of play?” “Or” Who created it? “

They also plan to be able to call on the police or the military to educate children on more violent games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Call of Duty”.

Stickers and other collectibles

Besides video games, Gamestersbay will also offer collectibles and toys.

Diana panuncial

“It really comes down to making sure the kids understand ‘Yo that’s not OK in real life,’” Zaia said. “Teaching them the difference would be huge. “

Beyond game content, owners hope kids (and even parents) – “the next generation” of gamers, Zaia has called them – will learn that the video game / video game industry can be a journey. worthwhile career.

Whether it’s developing the art or story of a game, streaming the game online on Twitch, or participating in “esports” tournaments, video game careers are booming.

OverActive Media plans to open a 7,000-seat esports arena in Toronto. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

When COVID hit, this Racine chef turned a job loss into a new ephemeral barbecue

“When it all stopped, I just had to do something,” said Emerson Holliday, founder of the new pop-up restaurant Dragon Pit BBQ.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast for 2019-2029, software developers will see a 22% increase in employment opportunities, and media animators will see a 4% increase.

“Most projections put the esports ecosystem on track to surpass $ 1 billion in revenue for the first time this year,” Insider Intelligence reported last month.

“My brother grew up in a generation where he really loved video games, and he was very good at drawing, like the characters in ‘Dragon Ball Z’, but because we were the first generation my parents were like ‘You gotta go to college, ‘”Zaia said. “Now he’s an accountant. And he’s not unhappy, but you can tell the guy was deprived of his passion.

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Celtics public announcement announcer appears in new NBA video game Wed, 22 Sep 2021 18:10:00 +0000

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – Celtics fans playing the latest installment in the NBA 2K video game franchise will hear a familiar voice when playing for their team.

Celtics public address announcer Eddie Palladino is featured in “NBA 2K22” as the Celtics’ in-game stadium public address announcer, a new feature in the franchise. The franchise’s official Twitter account announced the feature, which will appear on its version of the previous and current generation games, in a video featuring the sound clips of the advertisers for each NBA team.

Palladino said Chris Fama from WBZ (@CFamaWBZ) he was gushing with excitement to be included in the new game.

“I have received a great response from friends and family who are gamers,” said Palladino. “They think it’s the greatest honor in the world.”

He also took the time to outline the process of creating all of the audio tracks in the game.

“I think we landed on about 3,260 voice recordings and [I] I had to do them with my excited TD Garden voice and with the monotonous voices of the visitors announcing, ”said Palladino.

“NBA 2K22” was released on September 10 and is available on PlayStation 4 and 5, XBOX One and Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Chris Fama from WBZ (@CFamaWBZ) has more Palladino.

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The best video games of 2021 so far Wed, 22 Sep 2021 02:10:00 +0000

Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart.


Death loop kicked off the 2021 end-of-year video game party, but it’s far from the only one. We have much to look forward to in the coming months: A new Metroid, Halo Infinite, and some cheeky Pokémon remakes, among others. But there are plenty of great 2021 games to look back on, or play now for the first time before the blizzard of new titles hits.

Highlights include Ratchet and Clank, one of the few games that really takes advantage of the immense power of the PlayStation 5, Resident Evil Village and, most recently, Psychonauts 2. This list of the best games of 2021 will be updated. as more exceptional games are released on consoles and PCs.

to the east

Available on: PC and Nintendo Switch

Ritter fish

Enjoy games like Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound? Of course you do. You are a reasonable adult with a lot of taste.

In that case, you have to try Eastward, a new top-down game in the vein of every 16-bit RPG you’ve ever loved. The pace is slow and takes a long time to get started, but the investment is worth it. Just an incredibly beautiful and stylish experience. Magnificent at every possible level.


Deathloop is the best reason there is currently to buy a PlayStation 5. It’s a murder puzzle game about waking up on a beach to find out you’re stuck in a time loop – really, an age-old tale that never goes out of style. The combat system allows for thrilling experimentation, and excellent voice acting brings a memorable cast of characters to life. The star of the show, however, is the setting of Blackreef Island, which you’ll want to explore loop after loop.

Disco Elysee

Disco Elysium garnered numerous accolades when it was released in 2019, including a Perfect Score from GameSpot, numerous Game of the Year nominations, and several Best Story wins. An extended Final Cut launched on PC and PlayStation (4 and 5) earlier this year, adding extended voice play (as in over a million words of voice play) and additional quests. Xbox and Switch releases are scheduled for the end of the year.

Play this if you haven’t.


Resident Evil Village, aka Resident Evil 8, marks 25 years of the illustrious survivor-horror franchise. It’s a celebration of everything that makes the series great: suspense, memorable characters, explosive fights and surreal locations. And, of course, the horror. So much horror.

Resident Evil Village is a given to fans of the series – and worth playing for anyone who thinks they are up to the task.

Insomnia games

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is the latest AAA exclusive, and maybe the best yet. Like Demon’s Souls and Returnal before it, it shows what the PlayStation 5 is capable of – that is, this game looks like unbelievable. Not only that, but it uses the SSD hardware of the PS5 not only to shorten load times but also to shape the tier design. A great adventure that any PS5 owner can enjoy.


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is the latest example of Wii U among the Switch’s most valuable assets. Like Mario Party 8, Bayonetta 2, Pokken Tournament, and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World was originally a Wii U game. It was brought to the Switch alongside the short but sweet Bowser’s Fury add-on, which makes a wonderful package for those who missed it the first time around. (Which is pretty much everyone.)

Square Enix

Hitman 3 is the culmination of IO Interactive’s Hitman reboot that debuted in 2016. Although it is without the multiplayer element of Hitman 2, it takes the fantasy level design of its predecessors, adds new spins and improvements and sends this incarnation of the franchise in a good way. manner. You can also play it in VR, if you like that sort of thing.


Night clubs in air conditioning ducts. Face to face confrontation with the Street Fighter with a squirrel. It Takes Two has it all. We follow Cody and May, a married couple who are planning a divorce and who find themselves trapped in the bodies of toys made in their image by their daughter. You know, typical stuff.

This is a game about partner teamwork and problem solving, and as such, it is exclusively a two player affair. If you have a partner present enough to play 12 hours of co-op platforming, you are sure to have a great time with It Takes Two.


If you’ve ever played a Monster Hunter game, you already know what to expect with Rise. If you haven’t, it’s basically a progression of boss fights against increasingly powerful monsters. Defeating them grants you better equipment, which allows you to hunt bigger monsters. Rise introduces mechanics that make combat smoother, as well as a new roster of exceptionally designed monsters to hunt. There’s a lot going on here too – you’ll spend over 50 hours seeing all the game has to offer.


It took over 20 years, but Nintendo finally gave us a Pokemon Snap sequel. The aptly named New Pokemon Snap is surprisingly fun – considering that “taking pictures of Pokemon” looks a lot more like a free-to-play mobile game than a full-priced title in 2021. But New Pokemon Snap does more than just justify its existence. It’s a fun getaway that’s sure to bring a smile to Pokémon fans.


Mass Effect Legendary Edition takes the first three Mass Effect games, throws in all their DLC – it’s heaps of DLC – and turns it all into 4K. And while the resolution upgrade is significant, it’s not the only improvement. Options have been added, quality of life features have been included, and controls have been tightened up, especially in the original Mass Effect.

If you’ve never played in the franchise before, this deal may be the best value for 2021. There is a parcel from Mass Effect here.

Double fine

Psychonauts is a sleeper. Either you missed the original 2005 game, or you played it, loved it, and have been waiting for a sequel ever since. 16 years later, it is here in all its original, charming and creative splendor. This dynamic platform game has been acclaimed by critics and has been called one of the most memorable games of 2021. GameSpot has called it “astonishing achievement in almost every way”, and this astonishing achievement is a particularly big deal. interesting for Xbox owners, who can play the game on Xbox Game Pass.

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8 amazing video game weapons that killed you Tue, 21 Sep 2021 19:02:20 +0000

As with any real weapon, the unholy pokers, slashers, and prodders that you can find in video games should always be handled with care, because even if you have enough firepower to turn a mountain into Swiss cheese, you’ll want to maybe make sure you are not accidentally within the blast radius.

It happens more than we want to admit, when our itchy trigger finger or some horrible inconvenience we didn’t anticipate causes us to hit the deck before our foe.

But you know what? This does not prevent the weapon in question from being truly and utterly great.

Sure, we’re six feet deep and we’re heading to this big hotel in the sky, but the man talks about going out with a bang!

We will just remember that next time we will even want to honor the big “death ray” button, that we are more prepared and that we will stand a mile away next time.

Ah The Soul Edge, weapon of legend, power and ultimate disaster for those who oppose it. The stories of this mystical weapon stretch to the far corners of the world, attracting those who would seek to exercise its almighty power as well as those who seek to destroy it in equal measure.

Plus, it looks like an angry big middle finger has been crossed over with Resident Evil’s William Birkin, so that’s always a plus.

However, I think this all-powerful weapon should come with a user instruction manual, as I’m pretty sure that at some point every player who picked up this oversized letter opener became the prey to one of its most unpleasant attributes. You see, even if the weapon offers enough offense to level a block, it comes at the cost of a constant loss of stamina, and in any fighting game it’s never a good thing.

From dying to opponents exploiting the drain and hitting you for constant flea damage, to dodging and literally letting you fall on your own sword, The Soul Edge can truly be a nightmare as big as its previous wielder. Always when he hits, ooooo baby does he snap that brain matter on the other side of your opponent’s head.

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Court removes gaming suit against video games Tue, 21 Sep 2021 02:24:00 +0000
By Hannah Albarazi (September 20, 2021, 10:24 p.m. EDT) – A California federal judge launched a proposed class action lawsuit on Monday that accused video game maker Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars of promoting the game through purchases of “loot box” games, echoing a ruling earlier this year finding that plaintiffs lacked standing because they failed to demonstrate economic harm.

US District Judge Edward J. Davila called an end to the lawsuit, alleging that Finnish video game maker Supercell Oy was creating addictive and exploitative games that use “loot boxes” for enhanced gameplay to promote the game to children and adults in violation of state law.

Judge Davila’s ruling on Monday was based on …

Stay one step ahead

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You need to know what’s going on with customers, competitors, practice areas, and industries. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to stay an expert and beat the competition.

  • Access to case data in articles (numbers, filings, courts, nature of prosecution, etc.)
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  • Create personalized alerts for specific case articles and topics and more!


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The franchise’s strangest video game mission, revisited Mon, 20 Sep 2021 19:56:41 +0000

As The Matrix is ​​about to make its comeback, here’s a look back at the craziest canonical mission in the Enter the Matrix video game.

After years of rumors and speculation, the captivating sci-fi world of The matrix is back in December with the revival film Matrix resurrections. Featuring a digitally simulated world controlled by machines to keep humanity complacent as it siphons off its energy, the long-awaited 2003 sequel Matrix revolutions is set to bring back iconic characters including Neo, Trinity, and someone who appears to be a mysteriously born Morpheus. However, as the popular franchise returns, here’s a revisit of one of its strangest canonical adventures set in the 2003 video game. Enter the matrix as his characters battled a small army of literal vampires.

When The matrix returned to cinema in 2003 with not one, but two theatrical suites in The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix revolutions, there has been an unprecedented multimedia push to promote its comeback. From an animated prologue in The facilitator to a more conventional documentary on the production of the first film in The matrix revisited, the resurgence of the franchise was pervasive and global. Trilogy filmmakers Lana and Lilly Wachowski reportedly writing and directing a related video game Enter the matrix, occurring largely at the same time as the events of The Matrix Reloaded and explore what side characters Niobe and Ghost were doing to help Neo and humanity survive against the coming mechanical assault. Benefiting from the cast of sequels and live-action footage filmed by the Wachowskis, the events of the game were considered canonical for the entire franchise, much like the follow-up online multiplayer title. The online matrix.

RELATED: Neil Patrick Harris’ Matrix 4 Character May Be Revealed in Resurrections Trailer

About halfway Enter the matrixIn the story of, the protagonists Niobe and Ghost infiltrate a castle run by a rogue computer program known as the Merovingian in order to obtain a master key that Neo needs to access the core of the Matrix itself. same. Shortly after entering the castle, the heroes are ambushed by a vampire named Vlad, who leads a private army of vampires lurking throughout the castle, with the intention of feasting on the blood of Niobe and Ghost. Breaking free, the two heroes fight through the castle and its underground crypt to kill any vampire that crosses their path, slaughtering them with martial arts before administering the final blow with a well-placed wooden stake to the heart.

This mission extended in Enter the matrix develops a spontaneous plot point introduced in The Matrix Reloaded that the Merovingian is leading a private army of rogue programs and trouble in the system that have become what humanity considers vampires and werewolves. The Merovingian’s wife, Persephone, is suggested to be a vampire herself, feeding off the raw emotion of others through kisses as she openly challenges her husband in the film by killing one of his men. hand with silver bullets to further emphasize the integration of supernatural elements. in the franchise. Enter the matrix makes this distinction more explicit through the use of a wooden stake to finish off enemies and vampires lurking around crypts and coffins.

RELATED: The Matrix Theory: Before Neo, Morpheus’ Thought [Spoiler] was the one

While many details behind Matrix resurrections are still closely secret, the return to the supernatural side of the franchise is unlikely to be one that will be explored further in the next film. Always, Enter the matrix provides one of the most eccentric and craziest moments in the film series to date, with characters beating the digital walking dead in escalating martial arts battles for the fate of mankind. On paper, this is a genuinely ridiculous premise in a franchise that mixes cyberpunk and apocalyptic fiction and yet, with its industrial hard rock soundtrack, it’s a particularly enjoyable part of the overlooked video game.

Directed, produced and co-written by Lana Wachowski, The Matrix Resurrections opens in theaters and for a limited window on HBO Max starting December 22.

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Palicos that serves you food is a Monster Hunter staple

Why hasn’t Monster Hunter Rise had bigger content updates?

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Viral video: 12-year-old boy denounces homophobia by playing his video game [WATCH] Mon, 20 Sep 2021 04:59:40 +0000

A 12-year-old boy denounces homophobia in a viral video. | Photo credit: Twitter

Children these days are extremely aware of what is going on around them. With the advent of the Internet, it has been easier for them to learn about all kinds of situations and have basic knowledge about them.

A remarkable example of this has gone viral on Twitter. It shows a 12 year old boy playing the popular video game called “Call of Duty”. With his headphones on, he’s busy battling the enemy onscreen while giving his two cents on a very important issue. He calls out to homophobes who have discriminated against LGBTQ and makes them feel worse about who they are.

In addition, he also adds that the acronym does not only define homosexuals. “LGBTQ is more than just gay,” he said.


The video was shared on Twitter via a page titled “Fifty Shades of Whey”. It has garnered 3.5 million views on the microblogging site. Many Internet users appreciated his efforts. “This is my son’s generation. We have to save the world for them. They are better than us,” said one user. Others have also realized that it is not just about talking while playing a video game.

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