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10 completely bizarre collectible video game costumes

Every video game character must be dressed to be successful, and many famous people are recognized by something as simple as clothing. From Mario’s famous red hat to Sonic’s sneakers, dozens of characters are known primarily by their looks alone. That said, it’s always nice when game developers come up …

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What’s your scariest video game moment?

Image: Bethesda There is something different about playing a horror game than watching a horror movie. Being in direct control of the action and having to physically push your character forward is an intimidating experience, putting you in the director’s seat, rather than just watching the action unfold onscreen. Knowing …

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Fergus High School Offers Video Game Design Course

Fergus, Ont. – Timothy King’s classroom is the place where innovation meets creativity. The Wellington District Highschool Center teacher in Fergus oversees a specialized computer course where students learn video game design. “The students teach themselves, I just guide them and give them the tools they need,” said King, who …

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